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About this poet…

It's me, isn't it???

It’s me, isn’t it???

I’ve been writing since grade school–mostly stories and poems. Reading was my escape from a world that was, all too often, not a happy place for me.

Poetry became important when my mother read me “Wynkin, Blynkin and Nod”  by Eugene Field as a small child.  She read it from a book that had been hers as a child.  I still have that book tucked away somewhere.  I read the poem to my children when they were small; but now the book is so fragile, I did not pass it on to my daughter when she had her first child.

Soon after learning to read well enough to gobble chapter books, encouraged by parents and grandparents, I began  exploring poetry on my own.  One of my grandmothers had learned many poems by heart as a girl in school and would recite them while doing dishes after a Sunday dinner at her house.

Except for the scribbling I did in school, playing with the styles of the poets I read, I didn’t begin to write seriously until I turned 50. Before that it was something I dabbled in when there was time, or when an idea was beating at my brain–and usually after I began, — a day or two at most, the idea would stop beating and I would abandon the project.  Once I began to give myself permission, what poured out was mostly poems.

Now, having written poetry for the past 20 years, and having a number of them published in small press magazines, I decided to do this blog and stop the effort of sending poems out, trying to match the right poem to the right magazine, and again, and again.

If you are interested in the basic facts of my life: I was born in upstate New York;  grew up outside Albany;  attended what is now SUNY at Albany.  In 1965 I moved to San Jose, California.  There I met my first husband and gave birth to my oldest child; divorced, remarried in 1977 to the man who  still has my heart, gave birth to our daughter and another son.  We have lived in San Diego County, Simi Valley (Ventura County) and for the last fifteen years in Humboldt County–which is my idea of paradise.

As a poet, I worked on a small press magazine, Verve, first typing the manuscript to prepare it for the paste up, and later as one of the assistant editors, selecting out the best of the submissions for possible publication.  I also hosted a monthly reading at the Simi Valley Library for several years.  Since moving to Humboldt County, I have been part of several writers groups.  I highly recommend writing workshops–if they are good, you can learn so much from critiquing each other’s poems.  I found that trying to look at some one else’s work, to see what worked and what missed, helped me to look at my own work with different eyes.


Anything else?  I think I may add a page later to mention a few poets that I love. Perhaps hold a few conversations of some sort about poetry.  I’m open to suggestions…

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